A note on the Fan Fiction here

Just a note to say that I once liked Biggles books. They did help me to try to read when I was a kid. Being dyslexic I found reading hard. Biggles books at the time were great, airplanes, often ones that could land on water. The author didn’t talk down to kids. In-fact he started writing Biggles for adults. I read Biggles books well into my 30’s. I collected them all. I sold them all. I read the author’s other stuff, science fiction etc. Then gradually I didn’t like them as much, the last few I read, quite rare, were pretty bad. Then I started to question the agenda of the books. I also now despise war, there are other posts on this site about that.

So Biggles books did inspire me to write. There is a lot I owe to them, but doesn’t mean I have to carry on loving them. The three fan fiction stories on this site are affectionate send ups. I’ll never write anymore fan fic. I no longer read Biggles books.