Not a good year

As my poem ive-not-written-a-poem-since said, 2020 was a bad year for a lot of things, and also my writing suffered badly. Yes I knocked out a novel Codename Wolfhound, but after July my mind had melted. Along with the world. My Grandad Gunn died not long into the first lockdown, so that had me distracted for sometime. He was 91. My nan gave me his pyjamas, she is the same age as him.

I signed up to to a Masters Degree in Novel Writing before all the Covid nonesense strarted. Then when the degree started I wasn’t in a writing place. It seems quite pointless now, even though I am still doing the degree.

I have left social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and I stopped using Google and its products. I really don’t trust them, they have questionable business models. So that means I am going to populate this website instead of having it on other people’s platforms. Hence this new blog section. The only other place I am is Goodreads.

Hope you enjoy it! All the best, Justin

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