Poems by Justin Tuijl

Some free poems for you to read:

shatter (2020)

i find a wilderness walk
the size of a steam nozzle,
spurious in the extreme
of halting breath,
a beneficial but moaning discovery,
yes, my church is a type
that few can accept,
zonked as i am
in the frame of your control,
indeed direful,
and a less meaning ghost,
i toss my bright
and habitual coat
for the thrill of the
land vessel that scours
the earth lizards
like the police
of the clothes rail,
aromatic apples
new worlds

the drive back (2019)

we’re half way home
an hour left to drive
the car is old and the steering is vague
a wheel bearing is noisy, the headlights are dim
we have finished the take away coffees
the wet road winds and the wipers flick noisily
the odd car slows to pass on the narrow A road
and as we accelerate again your hand finds mine

i think of the past road
but i don’t want to think of what is ahead
if i could just freeze the moment
there is nothing good ahead

can you burn (2019)

Can’t even write
Can’t even think
Insidious cold
Brown wallpaper
and purple smoke
Fresh air and rainwater
Electric and water
Water and wood
Broken spade,
woodworm handle
Woodlice under buckets
dripping from the roof
Gas heater
monoxide detector
three bars

apples, squashed oranges.
Music, music,
Fire burning,
burning fire

let there be cake (2019)

the sun is falling
below the gravestone,
he made 83
when I was two

i expect the sun
is falling

and none of it
a thing



i expect when i am 83
none of
will still mean a thing

but for the sun

and we did (2016)

And we did dominate nature and with our machines and mud and we did cover the trees with concrete yes and we did fill the air with unbreathable fumes yes we were selfish and we burned all the coal and the oil and we set fire to the fossil fuel to propel our progress and yes we made metal fly and tanks kill and we did pull all the fish from the sea and fill the water with plastic yes and we watched the snow vanishing more each year and loved the sun in January and yes we had cancer and yes we poisoned ourselves and the electric flowed into our machines and made more machines that used electric which was pushed in to the machines with long dead animals and we burned it to make weapons to kill each other and make money by selling more weapons and yes we did fly around the globe watching creatures die and floods and hurricanes and chopping down trees and yes we made money and we moved money about yes the rich had the money and they moved it to the rich and yes the poor had none and less than that and we were selfish and we should have known better and yes we didn’t in the end know better than the soup that we came from

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